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Current Covid Protocol

Although it appears that Covid concerns are winding down, we understand many may still want to know what we are doing to continue to take Covid precautions and even simply offer cold and flu prevention.

Our current approach to Covid (and flu/colds during flu/cold season):

We encourage each person to take precautions as they see fit. There is zero shame for choosing to wear a mask or choosing a seat distanced from others.

Some of the steps we continue to take include:

  • Easily accessible hand sanitizer

  • Clorox wipes on hand to clean surfaces

  • Single serve communion

  • Offering boxes that are not passed around

  • We will keep the HVAC fans running to keep fresh air circulating

  • While toys are fairly easily wiped down, feel free to keep and take home the printed kids' material you child may use, such as coloring books, so they do not have to share coloring books

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