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What to Expect

Worship and Community

  • Our Sunday services are spiritually and communally focused rather than production style. The worship and service itself strives to foster intimacy with each other and with God. 

  • Our worship style is an invitation to meet God that morning as you want or need - you are welcome to stand, sit, kneel, or even go to a back corner of the room for a private moment if you feel like it.

  • Our services begin and end with coffee, donuts, and community time. You're welcome to come early or stay after service to join in conversation.

  • Come as you are. Dress down or dress up as you feel comfortable. 

Kids and Families

  • Kids are welcome in our service, and we consider any noise they make to be the sound of new, young life. 

  • We are launching kids' ministry in January 2024 for primary ages 6-10, and will grow it further as the kids come in to fill it.

  • There are coloring books and toys available, as well as a kids' room and nursery.

  • We look forward to developing our children's ministry as our church continues to grow.


  • We do not make asking for money part of our Sunday worship service. 

  • Giving boxes are set up around the church for each person to freely give as God leads them.

  • For our philosophy of giving, see About Us.


  • Most Sundays you will find us taking communion to mark the sacrifice of Christ and our communal, life-bringing time with God and one another. 

  • Communion is open to all who wish to join us in taking it.

  • You're invited to pick up your communion materials on the table as you come in. Hold on to this until we share in communion together, usually toward the end of service.

  • For our understanding of communion, see About Us.

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