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Some of Our Beliefs


God is eternal, existing outside of time and space as we can perceive it, yet he is intimately tied to everything as he is existence itself. Thus, it is by lending of himself that everything exists and is sustained. 

It is into this lending space that God entered into reality, time and space, through Jesus. The Son came to live such an exemplary life that even those who do not embrace Christianity can often embrace his teaching. In his life and death, Jesus defeated the powers of evil. 

Now that Jesus has left this earth, in his place the Holy Spirit is presently at work.


Faith isn't always easy. It might be described as a terrifying leap into a transcendent relationship with God. It is a relationship that can make sense at times, and at other times it can seem you are white knuckling it to hang on and make it through with barely a wisp of faith left. 

But at the end of the day, we carry on in faith because God works with what we know, feel, and experience to enrapture our soul and our imagination with the vision of where our faith will take us, and it is worth it.


Scripture is the time-proven authority for God's people. Through Scripture we discover an entire history of people who have sought God, encountered God, and wrestled with God. 

For all the arguing that has gone on over Scripture, is still going on, and will go on, Scripture continually causes people to talk about God, think about God, and come to know God.


Salvation is spoken of in different ways. One of the greatest ways it might be spoken of is the act of being saved from living another day without being in relationship with our loving Creator. 

To think that there is a creator of all we see, one who has set life to spring forth time and again despite death's continual attempt to win, one who can be experienced and who seeks to make himself known, to think of that, it is salvation to not live another day without a connection to God.

To hear more about our ideas and beliefs, you can check out our blog here where we try to regularly blog about any number of things we find noteworthy to think on.

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