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Mental & Emotional Health Resources

This page will grow over time with resources for personal use, to share with others, or even to use in conjunction with others.

Foundational Resources

It is often invaluable during times of stress to label what we are feeling. Yet is can be difficult to find the words. This list offers help in identifying what one is feeling.

Aside from time of stress, this list is valuable for any time of introspection. Also it can work well for anytime we seek to be heard and understood by others. Parents may even with to use this list with their kids to facilitate family communication.

Very often, negative feelings and emotions arise when our needs go unmet or our values are being violated. This list can help us identify what is going on behind the scenes as we look at our needs and values.

An excellent exercise with this list is to:

  1. Use a highlighter to mark all the needs and values that are important to you.

  2. Now take a pen and circle all the most important values from your highlighted list.

  3. Finally, from the most important values you circled, put a star next to your top 5 values.

Our needs and values can adjust over time. This is an excellent worksheet to go through every so often to better understand ourselves.

This is one more list that helps us with words. When journaling, you may wish to have a word to describe how you felt that day, or to recall what you experienced during a significant even that happened to you. Or it might be that you want to use this with a child to help them tell you what they are experiencing.

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