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The Sacrament of Holy Communion  on a Dark Wooden Table.jpg

Most Sundays you will find us holding communion. Often the most intimate of community has always revolved around food. And why shouldn’t it be that way? Food is life, and it is around life that we find life with one another!

At the Last Supper, it is from the communal bread and wine found at the dinner table that Jesus reflected on the pinnacle work that he was about to undertake for his community. His body would be broken like the bread, and his blood would be poured out like the wine.

These table essentials would become intimate instruments to remember and reflect on Jesus’ work for those in the Church.

Ancient and modern communion with various gods often involves bringing food to them, setting the “table” for them, and hoping they will come.

We believe that our God sets the table for us, and he invites us to sit and join into the community of saints, gathered across time and geography, recognizing the life of Jesus. We believe this invitation is timeless and goes to all.

And we believe that anywhere Jesus’ community exists, as a single person locked away in a prison cell or many people meeting in a church building — around a physical table or not — they are always, intimately connected by the Lamb’s Table.

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